Hi, I’m Tom.

This is My Story

Tom Cochran as a child in front of Himeji CastleI grew up as a third-culture kid, the son of an American diplomat and a Swedish stewardess for Pan Am (they weren’t called flight attendants back then). While I was born in Northern Virginia, I spent most of my first decade in Kobe and Tokyo, Japan.

After a brief stop back in Virginia, we returned to Asia where I did my junior high school years in Bangkok, Thailand. High school was spent at a boarding school in New Hampshire and then off to college at Vanderbilt Univeristy in Tennessee.

I headed straight to DC after college in the waning months of the Clinton administration. Since that time, I have worked in the public and private sector as a senior technology leader. From the Obama White House to¬†The Atlantic¬†magazine, I’ve led or been a part of teams that have sought to use technology as a force for good.

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