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Tom Cochran is a digital keynote speaker

I speak to international audiences about my experiences pushing digital transformation in the Obama administration and in the private sector. I’m candid about my successes and failures in pushing for change in large organizations.

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His themes.

  • Yes we wine: What the wine industry can learn from Obama’s digital team.
  • We the People: How we brought change to the White House.
  • Digital transformation: Credibility, risk, and technology.
  • If Google doesn’t know you exist, do you exist?
  • The perils of a toxic corporate culture.
  • Searching for truth in a cyber world.
  • Is data the next gold or oil?

What clients have said.

As a newly appointed CEO of a law firm with a change management mandate, I had ask Tom to talk to us about digital change in the White House. The way he introduced his topic and the challenges he was faced with, was not just relevant but resonated deeply with all of us (even those more resistant to change). He is both charismatic on the stage and very accessible at the same time. I would recommend Tom in a heartbeat.

Anik Trudel
CEO | Lavery de Billy

I wanted to thank you a thousand time for your presence in Biarritz. Your keynote has been a huge success! All the feedback we have collected from guests, partners and other speakers are so enthusiastic, it was really inspiring to share your experience with this positive state of mind, so refreshing currently!

Héloïse Aubert
Content Manager | iMedia Brand Summit

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