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I’m a frequent digital transformation speaker at conferences, summits, and private corporate events.

I’ve had the pleasure of traveling all over the world to speak about digital transformation and change management in large organizations. My audiences have ranged from small round tables of senior executives to an auditorium of over a thousand at a marketing conference keynote.

Below are some of the key themes in my talks.

Yes we did. Yes we can. Opening up the White House through 'We the People'. The story behind how we built and launched 'We the People' enabling people to exercise their First Amendment rights of petitioning the government.

Is Data the Next Gold or Oil? The value of data is clear and the supply is exponentially multiplying. What are the parallels to gold and oil? How do we avoid the same environmental disasters associated with exploiting those resources?

Digital is not IT. Focus on your people to push digital transformation. Don't conflate these two in the hopes of modern technology transforming your organization. You will succeed or fail based upon your culture: the collective beliefs and attitudes of your people.

Privacy versus convenience. Personal information is the currency of the 21st century. We love and rely on services like Facebook, Amazon, and Google almost every minute of the day, and they're free. Or are they? In the wake of current data scandals, where is the balance between privacy and convenience?

From contacts to relationships. Relationships are the currency of diplomacy. In the 21st century digital world, the abundance of information noise means human relationships are more important than ever. How did the State Department modernize the way they managed their contacts and relationships?

Tom Cochran speaking at a conference on digital transformation

Do you need a keynote speaker for your conference or event? How about someone who can address technology trends, digital transformation, and change management strategies? I share my experiences around the world and look forward to connecting with you.


Lavery de Billy

As a newly appointed CEO of a law firm with a change management mandate, I had ask Tom to talk to us about digital change in the White House. The way he introduced his topic and the challenges he was faced with, was not just relevant but resonated deeply with all of us (even those more resistant to change). He is both charismatic on the stage and very accessible at the same time. I would recommend Tom in a heartbeat.

Anik Trudel
CEO | Lavery de Billy


I wanted to thank you a thousand time for your presence in Biarritz. Your keynote has been a huge success! All the feedback we have collected from guests, partners and other speakers are so enthusiastic, it was really inspiring to share your experience with this positive state of mind, so refreshing currently!

Héloïse Aubert
Content Manager | iMedia Brand Summit

Where I’ve Spoken

How we pushed digital transformation in the Obama administration.

The importance of digital technology talent in media companies.

Focusing on cybersecurity for digital properties at the White House.

Digital engagement strategies to entire Estonian diplomatic corps.

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